Le Grimoire des Sorcières Américaines à Paris

You find yourself at the online Grimoire of the American Witches in Paris, the only website of its kind dedicated to networking magickal folks from around the globe with like-spirited néopaïennes parisiennes. It is our pleasure to be of assistance in connecting you to all things enchanted and paranormal in the City of Lights.

Within these pages find content, information, announcements and links regarding…

… the basics of the Arcane Path of Witca, the tradition of Wicca founded, practiced and taught by HPS Lady Leananshae

… Witch Haven Circle public outreach and teaching circle schedules

… R.I.P.P. [Research Institute of the Paranormal in Paris] Meet-Up membership and field trips schedules

… Tarot Tutor Meet-Up schedules and fees

… Tarot reading services offered by experienced, degreed witches

… details on the approaching grand opening of the first Franco-American neo-pagan boutique and learning center in Paris, Salon de la Théa, date to be announced

… the release dates for books published by PanThéa Publishing, a Paris-based anglophone publishing house, specializing in esoteric subjects.

… schedules and pricing for witchy-themed tours in and around Paris

Pagan Paris Packages all-inclusive hotel, transportation and concierge services for your uniquely witchy visit to our beautiful city

… divination, counseling and home clearing / blessing services

… meditation, Tai Chi and yoga classes

… handfastings, sainings, rites of passage, handpartings and requiems performed by degreed priests and priestesses

… long-term coven membership, even if one is not a local resident

… Esbat and Sabbat rituals open to the public and hosted by WHC

… details about the upcoming Spirit Spiral Pagan Trade Expo to be held here in metropolitan Paris, culminating in an annual Witches’ Masquerade Ball

… and last but not least, if you’re an anglophone visitor to Paris — pagan or otherwise — and you find yourself in a tough spot, we are here to help. Just call or write using the contact info provided below and we will do our best to connect you to the right people and places you need in order to be safe.

Blessed Be!
Lady Leananshae
In France:


4 thoughts on “Le Grimoire des Sorcières Américaines à Paris”

  1. Merry met,
    I am living in Nanterre And been living in France since 26 yrs now, And also an empathy. I wanted to know if i could have more information in what u do And when?. I would love to join a coven but havé no contact with any pagans or wiccans do have any expérience. Please do contact me cause i feel i havé so much to Tell And learn. Thankyou. Blessed be.

    • Merry Meet, Bahra!
      I actually live in the 92 at present but we will be moving this summer. I’m still open to meeting up and hearing about your Path. You can reach me at to set a rendez-vous. I do speak a little French, so don’t worry about the language barrier. Hope to talk to you soon! — Leananshae

  2. Hi Bahra,
    Unfortunately, our plans have moved up and I won’t be in the city for the next month or so. Once we’re re-settled after our vacation, I’ll be sure to get in touch. In the meantime, if you’d like to trade emails, I’d still like to hear your story and share what I have to offer in friendship and/or as a teacher. You can email me at LeaJar@yahoo.com and I really hope I hear from you soon. Blessed Be!

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