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I’m a witch alone, which is not the same thing as a solitary practitioner, by any means. Far from any coven kin, I’m here in this beautiful city, quietly subducting my practice of the Craft into the velvety occult of this city’s own subtle, yet intoxicating, magick.

My early formation was of the old school. I’m an American, but my witchy pedigree originates ultimately and charmingly in the New Forest. My first steps on this Path date back to the second American generation of the modern witchcraft/sacred feminine movement — during the 1980’s — and it’s thoroughly ironic to find myself in the Old World where the forebears of the moniker ‘witch’ were once burned. The circle is complete. My High Priestess’ High Priestess’ High Priestess probably rolls in her grave every time I think I can still make out the scorch marks on the cobblestoned courtyards of the older government and church buildings.

I live here permanently, having finally married my childhood sweetheart who just happened to be French. It’s a romantic story I might post about someday. We’ve been settled here in the suburbs of Paris for almost 5 years now and I’m really ready to be a part of a witchy community again. Being a witch has been my life’s career — that and music — teaching, leading, founding and counseling as wiccan clergy. I’ve been a degreed HPS for a quarter of a century now, and yet, as I come to terms with my emerging Cronehood —  the second half of my life —  all my kith and kin are nowhere to be found. I know where some of them are, but there have easily been a hundred Seekers or more who’ve passed my way, and so I’d like to think that they’re out there somewhere with covens and circles of their own, sharing the Haven Heritage legacy with the next generation of religiously disillusioned, spiritually courageous Seekers.

So, this brings me to the reason I’ve started this blog: Just yesterday, I was on the phone Stateside with one of my long-time clankin, when I complained again about my lack of local community. For not the first time, he pulled me up by the short and curlies, challenging me to make myself available to organize something for the English-speaking pagans here in Paris. We did a Google search together for anglophone pagan groups, or even a local witchy shop and came up with nothing. This great big thousand-year-old city, so chockerblock full of history, registering such richness in the ether and Otherworlds, with its tapestry of manifestation and transformation woven by the spell mongers, cartomancers and gypsy queens of old… how could it be such an obvious occult frontier and yet so seemingly untouched by the distinct presence of modern, damn-proud-of-ourselves witchery? Recognizing this huge vacuum of need suddenly brought to the forefront of my inner seeing… a ‘next wave’ cresting out there somewhere in the City of Lights, and perched on top of that wave, truly hundreds of young, vital, liberated neo-pagans just totally pumped to discover what lies in and amongst all of this ancient stone and timber. This extant line from where I sit back to Gallic druidic practices hangs palatably in the air around us… who wants to go explore it all with me?

And so, here I am offering my skills, knowledge, time and energy to those of you who live in Paris, France and are seriously interested in:

— learning more about Wicca, witchcraft and other pagan paths, and/or…
— honoring Nature and the God/dess. and celebrating the Sabbats and Esbats in a group setting in English…

…with a degreed Wiccan High Priestess. If there’s interest, and you get in touch with me, I’ll happily take steps to start an official Meet-Up and start holding regular Witch Haven Circle (WHC) meetings.

Come dance, sing, drum, manifest, transform, learn and discover with me… Goddess is alive in Paris… let’s get the Magick a pied!

Blessed Be All!

Lady Leananshae

Find me at lady_leananshae@yahoo.com. Please be sure to mention “WHC” in the subject line of your email so that I can differentiate you from the spammers.