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Bonjour Mesdames et Mesieurs!

I know it’s been more than a year since last I posted here, and so very many wonderful things have transpired in the meantime…

I originally came here lamenting my status as a witch-alone in the City of Lights. Well, alone I am no longer! Joyfully, I can announce that the Franco-American coven has been formed, and Seekers are arriving to find a spiritual home in our burgeoning community.

That brings me to an important introduction: With great pride and pleasure I would like to introduce you all to M’Lady, a Seeker on the Witcan Path, my Granddaughter in the Craft, who will start joining us here on the Witch In Paris blog to share her take on the glamor and heady fabulous-ness that is Magickal Paris! Where I will continue to tend to keep to subjects more arcane and academic, M’Lady has much to share with us about the life of a young adult Witcan Seeker who just happens to have Paris as her classroom. We are lucky to have her contribution, and I would like to be the first to welcome her to these virtual pages.

So, look for M’Lady’s posts in the coming days, her media-filled commentaries about the local witchy scene, updates about the activities of R.I.P.P. [Research Institute of the Paranormal in Paris] and all of the other fantastic neo-pagan events we’ll be sponsoring in and around the city of Paris!

So without further ado…drum roll please… take it away, M’Lady! […et gros bisous, ma cherie]

Blessed Be and À bientôt!
Ly. Leananshae