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Bonjour Tout le Monde (Hello Everyone)!

First of all, thank you Ly. Leananshae for such a warm introduction. Your words are as kind and loving as you are <3!

I am very excited to embark on this journey with such a knowledgeable & marvelous  teacher, who has taught so many other Seekers before me. The opportunity to document my experiences as a Seeker in training (especially in Paris, France) is something that I know will be beneficial and intriguing to, not only me, but to an array of people who may be interested in discovering what Witca truly is.

I hope to do Ly. Leananshae justice with my words, and I invite all of you to join me, as I fill you in on all of the fun and enchanting moments of this journey along with other thrilling “to come” events. Look for them in the upcoming posts.

With that being said, welcome readers to our blog “An American Witch in Paris”!  I look forward to introducing you all to what it’s like to be a young lady/Seeker in this ever-intriguing beautiful City of Lights!

Merry Meet, Merry Part and Merry Meet Again!