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There is a lovely website — nshrine.com — where, free of charge, we néo-païennes can erect and maintain virtual shrines to god/desses, universal aspects, over-arching devas, personal guardians and so on. Here are some of Lady Leananshae’s shrines:

Nimue, girl-child goddess
Unxia, goddess of anointing oils and flying unguents
Hephaestus, god of industry and technology
Jeanne d’Arc, protectress of France

UPDATE: Sadly, nshrine.com is no more. In response, I opened a WordPress website where I could re-post some of the content I once had up on nshrine. You can find that here: shrinesonline.com  If you have content you’d like to add to the site, please email me at leajar@yahoo.com.

And for anyone interested in erecting real-world shrines, here is the Witcan Shrine Consecration:

Behold, before you
An altar stands
Raised and appointed
By these mortal hands
To please the gods
And our ancestors dear
That they might dwell here.

Behold, before you
In the chill dark night
A slab of stone
Infused with light
And upon a moonbeam
Elementals throng
To ever-attend
With joy and song.

Behold, before you
To count the days
And honor the honorable
In Witcan Ways
This realm of symbols
I do consecrate
Unto ________________
I do dedicate.

So Was It Once
So Is It Now
So Shall It Ever
So Mote It Be!

© 2013 Lady Leananshae. All rights reserved.
Please, if you’d like to quote my work, give credit and link back to this page. I’m always happy to share!