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Spring is just around the corner, and for some of you, it’s time to start planning the flowerbeds. I live in the City of Lights — with only balcony space to access the out-of-doors — but my petite famille parisienne is actively searching for a country home, close to Paris, but still well-out and truly rural. So, as I peruse the real estate ads and make appointments to meet with estate agents in places like Basse Normandie, it’s starting to come alive for me that soon, this sorcière urbaine may just find herself out in the sweet air of the French countryside on weekends and holidays! Pur plaisir!

Getting into l’esprit, I remembered an entry in my first, now dog-earred livre des ombres. It was a list compiled by the great original taxonomist, Linnaeus, of certain flowers one can plant which open and close with such certainty, at exactly the same time of day or night, that they can be relied upon to substitute for a clock. What fun it would be to really install such a garden!

Floral Clock
by Linnaeus

opens 6am Spotted cat’s ear
opens 7am African marigold
opens 8am Mouse-ear hawkweed
closes 9am Prickly sow thistle
closes 10am Common nipplewort
opens 11am Star-of-Bethlehem
opens noon Passion flower
closes 1pm Childing pink
closes 2pm Scarlet pimpernel
closes 3pm Hawkbit
closes 4pm Small bindweed
closes 5pm White water lily
opens 6pm Evening primrose

Also, may I encourage those of you who are planning their gardens to consider planting for the butterflies! Butterflies are attracted to certain plant devas not only because of their splendiferous nectar, but due to the brilliant energy signatures present in such plants. And just as the butterflies are drawn to such garden goddesses, so too are certain peaceful, beneficial Fey Folk! So, follow this link to the University of Kentucky’s entomology department for their VERY comprehensive list of butterfly food plants! And please, keep us informed of your gardens’ progress if you take on either or both of these lovely gardening projects!

Blessed Be All!
Lady Leananshae