I think the most frequently asked question I get from imminent visitors to our wonderful city is, “Where are the witchy shops?” Well, other than a few tired old bookstores that carry cheap paperbacks from one-off publishers on far-out subjects ranging from UFOs to the City of Atlantis written by people who forgot to take their medicine, Paris is pretty much void of an alternative spirituality scene. Our coven, the Wylders, hope to change that state of things in the near future, but have put plans for a bookstore/shop on the back burner for now.

A couple of years ago, we investigated opening Salon de la Théa  — you know, a sort of wonderful cozy shabby-chic teahouse where one could meet the local witchery — but ran into no end of mire as we took on the bureaucracy that one is unceremoniously dragged through in the French business landscape! Renting a boutique alone required one to have an advanced degree in French law and a wealthy great-aunt! Oo lah lah! Quelle horreur! We finally decided to take our start-up funds and use them WISELY elsewhere! Still, the Wylders are undaunted in our determination to eventually open our Salon. But first, we have many other projects — much more doable and financially rewarding — that demand our time and focus.

So the long and the short of it is: This city needs a decent witch shop!