How To Find Your Teacher-In-The-Craft

So, you think you may want to study to become a witch. Or maybe you’re already a solitary practitioner who yearns for credentials or inclusion in a community of like-minded people. Well, there are a few tried-and-true ways of following your Path with a degreed teacher. Hopefully, for those of you who are Seeking in Paris, France, we can help:

Witch Haven Circle [WHC] is a semi-annual workshop held in Paris, France, at which topics in Wicca and/or witchcraft are taught, and is a public service our Paris-based coven offers to the English-speaking public. Everyone is welcome, regardless of your level of interest. We only ask that you come with an open mind and positive intent in your heart. Attending WHC meetings is a good way to meet potential teachers in a neutral, group setting. Ultimately, there is no set way Seekers find a fit with teachers. For some Seekers (curious people), there is an instant connection that leads to a long-term mentoring relationship. For others, it may take years to find just the right fit and your teacher may not be among the degreed priests and priestesses in our coven. Still, coming to a few WHC meetings will answer that question. Either way things work out for WHC attendees, we hope to be of service to your Seeking — WHC’s ultimate mission. WHC meeting dates will be announced on this website, so visit often for updates.

Private Meetings a.k.a. Seeker Moon If for whatever reason you aren’t interested in meeting up with other Seekers in a group setting, Lady Leananshae is willing to consider meeting, one-on-one, in a public setting at Saint-Lazare station [on the border of the 8th and 9th arrondissements] to have a chat about your spiritual journey and study needs. If all goes smoothly, you may ask for private study with Lady Leananshae or one of our other teachers. Email Leananshae at to request a meeting with her. Be sure to mention “WHC” in the subject line so that we can differentiate your emails from spam.

Studying With Us Online It is possible to learn the Craft online with a Witcan teacher, but it isn’t our preferred method. Our teachers will consider online Seeking on a case-by-case basis. We are considering publishing the content of our WHC meetings here on this blog, if there is interest. If you’re interested in beginning a study of witchcraft and Wicca online, please email Lady Leananshae at with your request and she’ll do her best to accommodate you.

Solitary Self-Teaching For those among you who don’t yet feel ready for a flesh-and-blood mentor, there are many great books on the market that can serve as “homeschooling” for the solitary practitioner (a Wiccan/witch who studies and practices alone) and can also be of help to you Seekers who are reading this blog far away from Paris, France. You can find our current suggested reading list here.

The Secret to Becoming a Seeker There really is only one hard and fast ‘rule’ in our Tradition for getting yourself a teacher… you must ask. It’s unethical for us to approach you first with an offer to teach you, so it’s up to you to have the courage and maturity to respectfully ask a Witcan teacher to accept you as their Seeker. Witcan teachers will never pursue you — you must come find us — and you must ask clearly for what you want. We don’t always say yes, but mostly, what feels right to you will probably feel right to us. It’s all about mutually beneficiality! What’s that got to do with Witca, you ask? Your Witcan teacher will explain it to you.

Blessed Be and hope to see you at our next WHC meeting!
WHC Staff


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