Spirit Spiral Expo ~ Paris, France

In the spirit of bringing the world’s pagan community to Paris, we propose that a convention of craftsmen, artists and tradesmen from around the world — whose works, goods and services are appealing to the international community of neo-pagans — convene once a year, in mid-Autumn, at the salon d’exposition de Paris, France.

So, if you are a…

fine artist
incense maker
metal worker
blade maker
essential oils seller
tarot reader
palm reader
Reiki master
paranormal equipment seller
motivational speaker
presenter on metaphysical/paranormal subjects
animal communicator
dowser / seller of dowsing equipment

ETC! (and please add to this list in the comments!)

…then we’d love to hear from you! When enough interest is shown, we’ll put the jets on and get the venue reserved! In the meantime, we’re looking for travel agents who can offer package deals for travel and accommodations for expositioners.

1 thought on “Spirit Spiral Expo ~ Paris, France”

  1. I am a American Hedge Witch and I will be in Paris in a few weeks time. I am curious to know of shops where I might purchase charms, potions, divination tools, etc. To be sure, Paris is pure magic and full of mystery at every turn. Could you advise me of any special locations where I might delve into magic and mystery while visiting? Merci.

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