The Witcan 1st Degree Initiative

1 Ye, Good Seekers
2 possessed of letters and their reading
3 shall each one take a teacher
4 knowing that the secret for attaining one is found in the asking.
5 And ye shall respect all teachers as is reasonable to do so.
6 Of the homely discipline shall ye be well-acquainted and of willing spirit;
7 Not begrudging the drudgery of the tasks of personal maintenance: Cleaning, cooking and sewing.
8 The Book of Whimsy shall be thy companion,
9 and it shall be maintained as the testimony of thy Seeking,
10 so that, upon thy Rites, thou may glean from it
11 for the inaugural of the Book of Shadows ye mote compose as a full and proper Witcan.
12 Ye shall read the prescribed literature
13 and keep a record of such verbs and nouns that at once confound thee,
14 and learn and commit their meanings within that same record.
15 Ye shall possess a book of words and an almanac
16 and be well capable of their usage.
17 Witcan holography styles shall be within thy knowledge.
18 Ye shall commune with thy fellows with wit and agileness
19 through thine utterances, art, music, writings, and movements
20 so that we of the material realms can well comprehend thy meaning.
21 The pantheons of gods and goddesses shall be thy classroom
22 and of two sets ye shall be a scholar
23 and to the Elements shall ye be acquainted.
24 Thy hand shall be plain and clear,
25 legible without excessive flourish and beautiful without overwrought lettering,
26 and of the cryptic writing system Karastine shall you be practiced well.
27 Ye shall walk the wild and find for thine own a white or yellow feather,
28 the Sceptre of the Seeker,
29 a quill of the air that has fallen natively in the East
30 from the wing or breast of a bird that keeps to the boughs and nay the lake.
31 Ye shall request from the Fey and gain a shining star,
32 the Seekers’ Blade;
33 a blazing quartz with fire in its heart
34 so that a fire burns in thy South
35 A shell of any ilk shall ye find on the Western shore,
36 to be thy Seeker’s Vessel,
37 a receptacle that has the essence of the waves in its muted countenance.
38 Upon a flat dark stone shall ye place thy salt,
39 the Seeker’s Earth
40 and flat the stone mote be,
41 for it is proper that it should resemble the Terran Altar,
42 and never to be construed to resemble the Vessels, for it is a Shield true.
43 The futhark stones and pendulum shall rattle about in thy Seeker’s bag
44 and ye shall begin their study.
45 A Hedgewitch Shield shall ye know the use of
46 the making and ornamenting of thine own with Native Waters shall ye undertake.
47 Ye shall know the Powers of the Magus and include their pursuit in thy Seeker’s journey,
48 Ye shall know the symbols of power:
49 the Pentacle of Wiccan and witchcraft,
50 the Quadraleikia,
51 the Quadraphina,
52 the Sign of Hernidwen, of “Her”,
53 the Triple and Quadruple Aspects and all of their references.
54 The Wheel of the Year and the Lunar Calendar shall be within thy understanding
55 as shall the Aeons, the Seasons, the Phases and Hours as the Cycles of Life.
56 Ye shall know the Witcan Rede and the Sender
57 and the manner in which they help decipher Magick to the Witcan.
58 The Witcan Charges of the Goddess and God shall ye inscribe in thy Book of Whimsy,
59 and ye shall commit to memory the lyric and melody of three power chants.
60 Neo-mything and Astrocartology shall ye comprehend.
61 Know ye some simple Ritual Circle Casting, comprehending the Quarters and Center well.
62 Thy Rite of Dedication as a Seeker to thy Path, Coven and Teacher shall ye compose and lead.
63 In no less than one turning of the Wheel, having attained and mastered all herein and more besides, and when thy Elders have declared thee a-ready, ye shall submit with joy and confidence, to Initiation to the First Degree of the Tradition Witca, and thenceforth be known as a Witcan Priest or Priestess, and a covened witch.


Blessed Be All!
Lady Leananshae


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