Witch Haven Circle (WHC)

I started the original WHC back in 2000 in Montpelier, Vermont at the local Unitarian Universalist church. Our membership swelled to close to 50 at some points. Even just 10 years ago, relations between the cowan (non-pagan) and neo-pagan communities were still pretty tense, and as a consequence, much of our group’s charitable works were focused on offering public Sabbat rituals for the benefit of the curious uninitiated, so that they could have a chance to see for themselves that what witches do is NOT scary or evil. Those Circles were fun and I miss that time in my life.

It’s my hope that this latest manifestation of WHC will offer the same kind of positive venue for like-spirited magickal folk as well as continuing the work of satisfying the curious public. Let’s work together to create inroads in mutual tolerance while celebrating the endless diversity to be found in the myriad spiritualities available to the modern Seeker.

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Witch Haven Circle (WHC) is a nonprofit community service networking organization founded to be a workshop setting for English speakers who wish to celebrate the changes in the Seasons and learn about neo-paganism and the neo-pagans in Paris, France.

WHC is led by Lady Leananshae, 4th degree HPS, founder, teacher and practitioner of the Witcan Way.

All well-intentioned people, of any race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc., are welcome to attend / participate in WHC meetings and rituals as long as they are able to offer a positive or neutral contribution. Prospective participants must either (a) be at least 18 years of age, or (b) have a parent or guardian meet with Lady Leananshae to give their permission in-person.

If you are a person younger than 18 who doesn’t have parental permission to study with WHC, and you sense strongly that Wicca / witchcraft / neo-paganism is the right Path for you, feel free to contact Lady Leananshae for advice about designing a custom non-witchy curriculum for yourself that will prepare you for your future as a Seeker. Preparatory studies will include such subjects as mythology, herbalism, Latin, history, mineralogy, leather-crafting, sewing, etc.

It is projected that WHC will be meeting weekly at different venues in and around Paris until a dedicated space can be made in our future Salon. In the meantime, any leads for an appropriate interim space are welcome.

WHC will be celebrating most of the Sabbats and some of the Esbats throughout the year, or will be traveling as a group to festivals in other countries in the EU. All members will be given the opportunity to be integrally involved in at-home celebrations of the Seasons and the Full Moons.

Find WHC updates and announcements at Witchvox, R.I.P.P.’s site and this website.

Contact Info
You may email me at: americanwitchinparis@yahoo.com

To offset the costs of running WHC, a one time 10 euro donation is requested from each attendee.


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