The Annual Witches’ Masquerade Ball

All year long, neo-pagans are coming together to mark and honor the changes of the Seasons at festivals and gatherings around the world. These are joyous celebrations, and some of my fondest memories come from such events. But here in France, we are sadly bereft of any seasonal gatherings, and in Paris especially, we are sorely tested to find any kind of acreage where camping, drumming and bonfires would be allowed. But we have something just as amazing to offer as a venue: The glamor and elegance of our beautiful city and it’s gloriously rich history as the international center of fashion and good taste! We realize that there must be many neo-pagans who, like us, adore the idea of dressing up in ballgowns, powdered wigs and other period dress! And imagine the atmosphere as Circle is cast in one of the great Parisian ballrooms, like this one in The Westin Paris at Vendôme…

Westin Vendome Paris ballroom

So, we publish this page in the hopes that our readers might offer their encouragement and assistance in making this great idea into a reality! If you’re interested in either attending or collaborating with us as we organize such events, please let us know. Currently, we are seeking established travel agents who can collaborate with us to create a selection of comprehensive travel and events attendance packages (with discounted event entrance pricing, of course). We’re also interested in hearing from historical costumers who are interested in renting out their stock at a discounted bulk rate. From potential attendees, we’d like to hear what you’re excited to have us include in such an event. We understand that having come all this way to Paris, you’ll be chomping at the bit to see the city, so we’re prepared to offer tours (including paranormal/haunted tours for the ghost hunters among you!). And we’re actively researching the viability of hosting a neo-pagan ‘trade show’ or convention — Spirit Spiral Expo — over the long weekend preceding Samhain/Hallowe’en as the backdrop to the grand finalé, the Masquerade Ball.

We’ll be updating this page as new information and more solid planning is in the offing, so be sure to check back often. In the meantime, please leave your ‘likes’ and comments, and feel free to contact Lady Leananshae at with your offers of collaboration.

Question: As a prospective attendee, how much would you be willing to spend on a single booking all-inclusive package for a long weekend in Paris — including hotel and travel, tours, concierge service and Expo attendance — culminating in a neo-pagan fancy dress gala ball? And for a discounted double booking?


2 thoughts on “The Annual Witches’ Masquerade Ball”

  1. Hi. I’m Lady Maroo of Fox Hollow☆* 2nd degree Priestess
    I’m coming to France right after Beltaine next year 2016 (I’m currently the May Queen in our gathered Clan here in Northern California), and I’m looking to further my studies by immersing myself in French Pagan Culture. I can no longer put it off. My soul calls and I listen and respond.
    I’m curious about your gatherings, and would love to open a line of communication to see if our paths run parallel. Or at the least, too see if our passing paths cross and offer up a new clear direction for me.
    much gratitude.
    Thank you. Kindest blessings.
    Lady M*

    • Hello Lady M*,
      I see that you’re looking to connect with pagans in France and, of course, I would be delighted to host you for Beltaine at my home in Normandie (with maybe a side trip to Glastonbury, UK for the actual Sabbat?) but I must just first be sure you understand that the Tradition we follow is purely American (well, with some late influences from practicing in France for these past 10 years) in origin, and for the life of me, I have yet to find a Wiccan group in France that wants anything to do with American witches. I hope this does not disappoint you too much, and would like to encourage you to come see what life is like for we American witches in this very lovely, ancient land! Please feel free to continue our correspondence via email. You can find me at and be sure to make the subject something like “American Witch inquiry”. Blessed Be!

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